• Recurring House Cleaning

    Regular house cleaning is not only important to the maintenance of your home, it also contributes to good mental and physical health. We offer 3 types of regular, recurring service:

    • Weekly service
    • Every 2-week service
    • Every 4-week service
    No other home cleaning service customized their cleaning routine to the extent that we do. Details Home Services takes its cues from you.
    • We ask for your preferences and priorities for a clean home.
    • We ask for your feedback to ensure we are paying attention to what's important to you.

  • Full-time employees, in company vehicles and wearing uniforms

  • Cleaning By Room

    We clean & disinfect your kitchen and bathrooms, dust throughout your home and vacuum & mop all floors.

    Recurring service is provided on a weekly, 2-week or 4-week cycle. These are billed at a flat-rate, depending upon the features of your home.


    Standard Service

    1. Wipe outside of cabinets.
    2. Clean outside of appliances and range hood.
    3. Clean inside of microwave.
    4. Clean sink, faucet, counters and backsplash.


    Standard Service

    • Clean sinks & countertops
    • Clean & polish faucets
    • Clean & shine mirrors & fixtures
    • Clean outsides of cabinets
    • Clean shower/tub & door
    • Clean & disinfect toilet
    • Vacuum, wash and disinfect floor

    Throughout home

    Standard Service

    1. Dust all furniture, wood trim, pictures, wood blinds and fixtures reachable with stepstool.
    2. Empty all garbage.
    3. Shake-out or vacuum rugs.
    4. Vacuum all flooring.
    5. Damp mop all hard floors
  • Optional Services

    1. Clean inside of refrigerator, excluding freezer ($45 if empty, $75 if not empty).
    2. Clean inside of oven ($50).
    3. Change sheets on bed ($5 per bed).
    4. Dust home electronics (no charge, need approval).

    Exclusions (for safety of property and crew)

    1. Cleaning ceilings, walls, garages or unfinished spaces (can damage finish).
    2. Moving beds, large appliances or heavy furniture (damage floors & crew safety).
    3. Cleaning metal or plastic blinds (damage issue).
    4. Emptying recycling or remove garbage from premises.
    5. Cleaning anything not reachable from a step stool or making the top bunk bed due to crew safety concerns.
    6. Washing dishes or clothes (damage issue).

    Preparing for Service

    1. Make sure your home is accessible by method discussed with office.
    2. Store any items you consider irreplaceable.
    3. Clear kitchen counters of items other than small appliances (coffee pots, etc.).
    4. Empty the kitchen sink.
    5. Clear off bathroom counters so they are ready to be cleaned.
    6. Pick up all clothing, toys and other items from floors.
    7. Unlock doors to every room that is scheduled to be cleaned.
    8. Make sure your indoor pets know we’re coming.
  • FAQs

    FAQs specific to recurring cleaning.

    What cleaning products do you use?

    1. Bleach for toilets, showers and tubs.
    2. Degreaser, as needed in kitchen.
    3. Glass cleaner on mirrors.
    4. Hot water and an eco-friendly scented cleaner for everything else.

    Do you use my equipment or supplies?

    We supply all cleaning equipment (vacuums, dusters, buckets, mops, stepstools, etc.) and supplies (cleaners, microfiber rags, etc.).

    Can I supply my own products?

    Yes, you may supply any retail cleaning product you wish. Examples include Bona for wood floors, stainless steel polish for appliances, Pine-sol, etc.

    Will I always have the same team for my recurring cleaning?

    We cannot guarantee the same team at every cleaning. While we do make every effort to provide consistency, your team may vary due to customer changes, route revisions, weather, or team member vacation or illness. Each team is trained to clean in the same way and has access to detailed notes on your home and preferences.

    What is our appointment cancellation policy?

    1. We require cancellation at least 3 business days before your scheduled cleaning. Short-cancels can be difficult to fill and since we pay our teams even if you cancel, you will be charged for the cancellation.
    2. We will work with customers who cancel more than 3 times in a calendar year to find a schedule that better meets their availability.

    What is our appointment rescheduling policy

    1. If your normally-scheduled cleaning falls on a holiday, we will reschedule your cleaning if you wish. You will receive an email in advance of the holiday asking your wishes.
    2. If you wish to reschedule your cleaning, we will certainly try to find another time that works for you. However, it is usually difficult to find a customer in your area that’s willing to trade their date/time/team.

    How do I make special requests

    Please call or email the office with special requests for your cleaning. Do not leave notes or tell our crews what you’d like done. Some of our crews speak English as a second language and may not understand your request.

    How do I pay?

    We require a credit card on file before service is provided. Your card will be charged approximately one day after your service.

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